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Website Security Audit

Website Review

Concerned about buffer overflow, SQL injection, cross site scripting, JavaScript, authentication issues, and other website security issues? Website security is critical to the success of many organizations. As your organization uses the Internet for customer, supplier, employee, and vendor interactions, website technologies and database interfaces become more complex and require additional security. Website security and database assessments are ideal for:

  • Identifying programming errors
  • Enhancing security for websites that interface with database systems
  • Ensuring compliance (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.)
  • Emerging and fast growing firms
  • Businesses concerned about security
  • Organizations in the financial and health care industries
  • Website Security Audit

During our website review we emulate a hacker attack by using a combination of manual and automated tools to launch a series of vulnerability attacks on each website page. Our process analyzes pages to identify over 35,000 different types of vulnerabilities.

IT Balance checks your website security for buffer overflow, SQL injection, cross site scripting, Google hacking, authentication risks, JavaScript, Common Gateway Interface (CGI), PHP, broken links, authentication hacking, and many other types of website security related vulnerabilities.

Why Firewalls Don't Provide Website Security
Since web sites need to be accessible by the public, security mechanisms must allow web traffic to communicate with database servers through web applications. As a result, firewalls and similar intrusion detection mechanisms provide little defense against knowledgeable hackers and full-scale website attacks.

Website Security Certification
Upon completion of our services, IT Balance provides a certification letter for distribution to your customers, clients, and prospects. We also provide you with the IT Balance Secure Seal that can be prominently placed on your website. This provides peace of mind that sensitive information remains secure.

Today's new and emerging threats, combined with sophisticated network environments, present challenges to IT staff trying to maintain system availability, ensure information confidentiality, and guarantee information integrity. IT Balance is certified by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association as Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA). IT Balance experts provide outside, independent assessments that help your staff:

  • Achieve compliance with industry standards
  • Develop strong relationships with your customers
  • Minimize business and IT related risks
  • Enhance information security and asset protection
  • Reduce costs while ensuring information protection

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