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Website Package

Download Website Package $249.00

Includes Web Hosting!


What's in the Package?

A complete Drupal™ package containing our pick of the most useful and stable modules. Save hours installing and building a Drupal website using this package instead. Whether you're a website company or individual who needs a little time saver, this package is the best way to get it into production.

Package Details

Here's what we do if you need us to install it for you:

  • Set up your hosting account
  • Copy the package into the site for you
  • Build the database
  • Install the package
  • Test the functionality
  • Contact you and let you know you can start adding content to your new site
  • Provide 30 days business-hours* support and training.


  • Add up to 20 pages of content
  • Work with your graphics designer** to build a custom theme
  • Install and test up to 10 additional modules
  • Provide up to 4 1-hour remote training sessions for your staff
  • Provide 60 days of business-hours* support
  • Provide guidance on promoting your site

* Business hours are 8am-5pm MST Monday through Friday

** Don't have a graphics designer? We can complete the entire site for you. Just contact us and ask for a complete custom quote when ordering.


Up and ready for you in as little as 1 hour!

Ease of use Template-driven page design with an intuitive user interface allowing you to manage all aspects of system operations.
Full control over your product presentation, pricing, and shipping options. Automatic order updates to your customers.
Marketing tools - if they can't find you (or the product you want to sell), they won't come. Our package gives you the ability to optimize for search engine placement.
News, Events, FAQs - all the features required to build a powerful web presence with the ability to integrate events, news, and blogger systems whth easy content and layout management of your products and pages.

Online Shopping Option

Excellent online shopping system, visually appealing, simple and easy navigation, search engine friendly, flexible and cost-effective designs and the tools to help your business succeed and develop. With our Ecommerce Package you will receive the Standard Features as well as all of the features below that will enable you to make a big success of your online business.

Product analysis - advanced sales tools (product reviews and ratings, sales reports, customer referrals show where your buyers are coming from, and more.

Secure payment processing capabilities for credit cards and e-checks, PayPal®, Google Checkout®, merchant account, payment gateway, all installed and ready to go from day 1.

Shipping integration - shipping has always been, and will always be, the lynchpin that holds e-commerce together. We include automated and robust shipping calculation tie-ins to USPS, UPS and FedEx.

Training - We don't just build a site and leave, we provide training to you or your staff on how to maintain your site, how to promote your site, and how to manage your store.

Site support is also available. We can deliver every level of support for your site, from simple site changes to fully managing your site and products fulfilment. That's right, we can take orders and even package and ship your product for you!

The best payment processing options around, payment gatway and PowerPay mechant account with:
Discount Rate: 2.25%
Transaction Fee: $0.29
Monthly Statement Fee: $10.00
(includes 24/7 support)
Monthly Gateway Fee: $20.00

Hosting Package Includes

Website hosting with:
UNLIMITED Hosting Space
UNLIMITED Site Bandwidth
Host UNLIMITED Domains
Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
SSH Access (Secure Shell)
SSL, FTP, Stats
CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL
Front Page Extensions
Free Domain Forever
Free Site Builder
Best Support in the Industry

Don't want the package, but still want to save?

  • Sign up for an amazing deal on a hosting account here.
  • Sign up for the lowest rate available merchant account here.
Price: $249.00