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Vulnerability & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability/Penetration Testing

The value of having independent review on our systems cannot be underestimated, as it ensures we are providing the best levels of security to our clients."
Internet Security Specialists.

We get a lot of interest in our vulnerability and penetration testing. Unlike other companies that simply show you a list of vulnerabilities, we work with you to resolve the issues we discover as part of our service. Our report will show where your vulnerabilities were found, why they may increase your risk and recommend action your organization can take. We not only offer advice on how to close the holes, we help uncover why they may have occurred. We can provide training in process design and implementation to help prevent future problems. We test the way a real hacker would try to break through your defenses. Our prices and service are among the best in the industry and our customers come back on a regular basis.

What is a Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Test?
In a Penetration Test, we simulate what a hacker might do when they find your network by working remotely from our offices and attempt to breach your network security via the Internet.

What Questions Does a Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Test Answer?

  • Are there items that appear as low-hanging fruit to a hacker?
  • What is causing these vulnerbilities to appear, software, hardware, process problems?
  • Are my employees, business partners, and service providers connected to my network as securely as they could be?
  • Is my email traffic available for others to see?

Why conduct a penetration test?
From a business perspective, penetration testing helps safeguard your organisation against failure, through:

  • Preventing financial loss through fraud (hackers, extortionists and disgruntled employees) or through lost revenue due to unreliable business systems and processes.
  • Proving due diligence and compliance to your industry regulators, customers and shareholders. Non-compliance can result in your organisation losing business, receiving heavy fines, gathering bad PR or ultimately failing. At a personal level it can also mean the loss of your job, prosecution and sometimes even imprisonment.
  • Protecting your brand by avoiding loss of consumer confidence and business reputation.

From an operational perspective, penetration testing helps shape information security strategy through:
Identifying vulnerabilities and quantifying their impact and likelihood so that they can be managed proactively; budget can be allocated and corrective measures implemented.

What makes IT Balance Different?

  • We have been in business for more than 10 years, providing valueable guidance to our customers
  • Our information security consultants and engineers have at least 7 years working in information assurance
  • Every Lead engineer is CISSP® Certified More
  • We not oly provide information on what we find, but how to address the issues and get to the root of the problem
  • We have a tiered approach to security, from basic levels for small companies, to full ISO17799, 27001 certification to larger companies
  • We deliver quality in all that we do. Our processes have been defined and fine-tuned over the years to provide low-cost, high-quality services.