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Avast Antivirus

Vipre Antivirus

Watchguard Firewalls

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Virtual CIO

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Information Technology seems to get more complicated with each passing year. Having a virtual CIO on your staff can help in so many ways. Good information is the key to making sound decisions and IT is no different. We can bring years of experience to the table and help you avoid costly mistakes. We can also help eliminate office politics from your project decisions by presenting an objective opinion unaffected by turf wars and egos.

Service Highlights:

Procurement Services We know where to find value, we also know what works and what often fails. Cutting through marketing and technology jargon will help you understand the tru costs and benefits. This one feature alone will often save your company enough to pay for the entire service.

Strategic guidance in growth, risk management, and service offering One of the most significant security risks to a company can be growth. As you move through various phases in your company growth, you need someone to point out pitfalls and entanglements.

Systems analysis and process engineering Ever wonder if your staff is making it up as they go along? There is a better, more cost-effective way of running a business. Mature, documented, and repeatable processes introduce security and quality throughout an organization. They also help everyone understand what must be done and how to do it.

IT staff training Our team can eliminate the guesswork and cost of continuing education. We can also provide research and guidance on new technologies.

Executive technology liaison Need a face to talk business and tech? We speak business, but we also are fluent in technology. We can handle the questions your customers might have about your business infrastructure. We will represent the best side of your company and put potential client fears at rest.

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