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Total Server Care

Every growing business relies on the information stored on its servers: customer details, business partner contracts, accounting information, email, and calendars. This information is mission critical for the health of your computer systems and the overall operation and success of your business.

Service Highlights:

A Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides 24x7 visibility of Windows-based desktops/laptops. Proactive service is provided with preventive maintenance scheduled at specified intervals.

Reduction of your operational costs are achieved because you have a staff of hundreds of employees supporting you, who carry out the day to day work of checking Anti-virus signatures, scanning and removing Spyware, updating critical security patches and cleaning temporary files on a regular basis.

Comprehensive reports on inventory and preventive maintenance activities.

Comprehensive tracking of all software and hardware on each desktop/laptop. Changes are also tracked and aid in quicker problem resolution.

Patch Management is covered. Don't simply push new patches, rely on a team of experts to manage patches in a standard way. We use a process that installs patches when they are needed and during non-peak hours to virtually eliminate interruptions to your business, not to mention keeping your server secure.

Trying to implement these processes in-house if often out of reach for many small businesses, but on top of getting Fortune 500 IT services, we deliver it at a fraction of the cost of an IT staff. Consider the cost of weekend, leave, benefits, and temporary employees. Think about it, consistent processes, higher-quality, lower costs. Contact us today for a FREE review and cost comparison.

Patch Management
Gateway Software

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