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Managed Services

IT Support for Small Business

IT Balance can help fix things when they break, but we also offer small business a complete IT Department patterned after Fortune 500™ companies. Please take some time and browse through our support services below. We can typically save 20-50% on IT costs and do it better that an IT guy you call when there's a problem.

Show us your current Internet service, phone, and IT support bills and we'll show you how you can save 20-50%, plain and simple.

Service Highlights:

A Network Operations Center (NOC) that provides 24x7 visibility of Windows-based desktops/laptops. Proactive service is provided with preventive maintenance scheduled at specified intervals.

Reduction of your operational costs are achieved because you have a staff of hundreds of employees supporting you, who carry out the day to day work of checking Anti-virus signatures, scanning and removing Spyware, updating critical security patches and cleaning temporary files on a regular basis.

Comprehensive reports on inventory and preventive maintenance activities.

Comprehensive tracking of all software and hardware on each desktop/laptop. Changes are also tracked and aid in quicker problem resolution.

Patch Management is covered. Don't simply push new patches, rely on a team of experts to manage patches in a standard way. We use a process that installs patches when they are needed and during non-peak hours to virtually eliminate interruptions to your business, not to mention keeping your server secure.

Trying to implement these processes in-house is normally out of reach for small businesses, but on top of getting Fortune 500 IT services, we typically deliver it at less than the cost of a single IT employee and less than a typical "time-and-materials" support company.


Earn cash back on each referral we sign up. This could make the cost of your services FREE!

Monitor Trends

Our service reports show problems encountered and how they were resolved. Reports show inventory and allow you to track assets and hardware. The report can be a life saver when planning future purchases.

Recommendations & Analysis

Our Help Desk Team provides the first line of defense, but we also use our more experienced engineers to offer guidance as a second means of assuring quality and sound recommendations.

Process-driven Solutions

We've helped develop IT processes for some of the biggest companies around, then we sized them down for small business. Processes are the key to delivering quality service at a low cost.

24x7 Help Desk

Got a question, need advice on new equipment, new whatever? Call us! It's that simple. Forget about 'per-incident' or 'per hour' charges, we are YOUR IT DEPARTMENT."

Secure Remote Access

No complicated private network setup, all you need is a web browser and you can be sitting in your hotel in Hong King, but looking at your desk in Houston. Need to allow your clients secure access to certain files? Yes, we provide that too.

Remote Monitoring

We monitor your systems 24x7 to ensure that they are protected from viruses, hackers, and running at peak performance.

Staff Assistance

If you on't need a full IT department 24x7, no problem. We can supplement a skilled staff, provide temporary coverage for vacations and illness, or pick up the slack during projects or growing pains.

Spam & Antivirus

No more wasting time on renewing antivirus and spyware protection that drags down your system. Our solution provides virus and spyware protection that WE take care of. This one feature alone can pay for the cost of the entire support service.

24x7 Response

Working multiple shifts? Can't afford system downtime? No problem, we're here 24/7 monitoring and responding. Our processes will alert us of potential problems allowing us to remedy the situation before it becomes a bigger problem. We usually know about system failures and hangs before you can call us. We start working on problems right away getting you back on track quickly.

Internet Service & Phone

When we say IT department, we mean IT department. We provide excellent quality Internet services with phone, firewall, and wireless support. Imagine opening a new office and making one call to your IT department to procure and install everything related to information management.

A Fresh Perspective

Making decisions about technology doesn't have to be hard. We provide expert advice for all of your IT projects.

Security Professionals

Guessing about how to secure your environment could end up costing you more than you expected. Among other certifications or engineers hold, we are certified information systems security professionals (CISSP). That means training and experience normally out of reach for small business.

Business Continuity

It takes more than just backing up your data to stay in business when something happens. Natural disasters are one thing, but what about theft and just plain system failures? Are you really able to get back to where you need to be quickly? Our solution is NOT just a backup solution, but a business continuity solution. Offsite, secure backups and virtual servers for less than the cost of your cell phone coverage.

Your Website Done Right

An IT department should be able to provide a web presence. Up and running quickly and securely--even with products to sell. We also provide email services without the hassles of hosting an exchange server at your site.

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