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Information Security Services

Information Security Services

Information Security is where we started and remains our core business. IT Balance is committed to bringing our clients the best possible services to reduce risks and increase revenue.

We help businesses protect information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. If this confidential information falls into the hands of a competitor or unauthorized third party, such a security breach often leads to lost revenue, lawsuits or even the complete bankruptcy of the victimized company.

The most common mistake companies make in securing their business is failing to implement adequate processes. Having the latest technology or a sharp network team is simply not enough. Our security services will uncover vulnerabilities and show you why they can put your organization at risk, but then we go further by uncovering possible causes for the oversight and developing processes to ensure that it does not show up again. A third party review from IT Balance provides an objective view based outside company politics and job security.

Wondering if your systems and network have been compromised? It happens every day and it can come from a simple oversight in controls by a trusted employee or a malicious group just stubling onto your network. They can turn your systems into a porn server for others, watch your traffic for interesting information, or use your systems as a jumping point for illegal activity. Our services can provide guidance and status on how you look and run things. We can show you how to protect your information assests the right way.

Our clients are often amazed at how much they can actually save by implementing the right solution and managing processes efficiently instead of reacting to trends and marketing hype. We are unique in the way we partner with you and provide the training to your staff on ways to actually manage security in a proven, methodical way. Our processes are based on industry standards and have been used all over the world by some of the largest and most successful organizations.

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